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claim an average £2,000


You can claim an average £2,000 CIS tax rebate every year for travel expenses. We will show you how to claim CIS tax back. If you need to file a CIS tax return, we'll take care of that too.

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On average, get up to £2,000.00

The refund you get from HMRC if you paid too much in tax is what is known as a tax refund or tax rebate. By law, you could get a tax refund if you're travelling to temporary workplaces and spending to make your way there. You are refunded automatically without even demanding them sometimes. For example, the tax you owe is taken out of your pay automatically by your employer under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system. It is estimated based on your salary and other factors. Seldom, for example, if you’re out of work or if your salary goes down, HMRC knows you’re owed a PAYE tax refund and will transfer it automatically.

Yearly many people ask the question “Am I due for a tax rebate?” Surprisingly, the answer’s usually, yes. When you are not claiming the tax back that you are owed, you are allowing HMRC hold onto money that should be back in your pocket. The dilemma is that many people do not know they are entitled to a tax refund, or understand how claiming tax back works. Understanding that you could be claiming travel expenses and other expenses against your tax bill is only half the battle though. You also need to know how to get your money back.


Understanding Tax Rebate.

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Get Up To £2,000.00 on Average
  • You can use most online TAX calculators to get a free, instant estimate of how much tax you could be owed back. Ordinarily, a 4-year tax refund claimed through RIFT amounts to £2,000.
How long does a tax refund take?
  • You should expect your tax rebate paid out within 8-10 weeks due to the slow nature of HMRC. However, our teams of specialists will do everything they can to ensure your tax rebate is paid on time.
One off-fee
  • It will only cost you a flat-fee of £200.00 to reclaim your rebate.
Easy as 1,2,3
  • At CIS TAX RETURN, we will help you calculate your tax refund and guide you through the process of getting you tax rebate.

What our clients say…

“Our boys have used CIS TAX RETURN for a few rebates now, they've sorted guys out each time…”
Phil Haskins
“ Brilliant, got about £1000 back, it's a no brainer…”
James Reynolds